Albert Bertelsen 1921–2019

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“The silence and greatness of nature and of man relation to nature ”

Vejle's most acclaimed visual artist and graphic artist. From his debut in 1954 to the mid-1970s, Albert Bertelsen painted exclusively memoirs with motifs linked to childhood experiences. The muted colors and the hazy, rainy weather were characteristic of his pictures for several years. During a trip in 1973, he experienced for the first time the Norwegian landscape, and later the Faroese. Thereafter, the broad lines, the silence and grandeur of nature and man's relationship to nature became his main motives.

His paintings, especially the older paintings, tell a story with humorous elements, he simplifies and composes his painting, whether the starting point is people, nature or old worn objects and walls. Albert Bertelsen carried out his paintings in the studio on the basis of drawn sketches and notes.

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